Quote of the day

"The stars had a day off."

(Tommi was talking about an evening about a month ago when there had been a warning about meteorite splitters falling down to earth)
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Quote of the day

A random quote from Elias, playing some-or-other online game again.

"At least the (background) music is good... can't say anything bad about it... can't say anything good about it, either... it's somehow... middle-class"
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Thought of the day

You know you:
a) have been spending too much time in front of the computer
b) are over-tired
c) are overworked
d) have been over-studying
(pick one) if, while writing with paper and pencil, you find yourself suddenly thinking you should save your text just in case...
Take additional points if youre eyes were searching the paper for the „Save“ button while (or immediately after) thinking it.
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Most of the time, I'm really thankful for the variety of fonts to use, out there. Most of the time I also don't have to identify 6 styles as homework for a web-based course at my university - while I really could use the time I now use to look up fonts for the homework (due for today) to write the report about my four months in Germany (due for tomorrow) and the term paper about German expressionistic literature (due for tomorrow or the day after at the latest).
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future sky

Well, then...

Looks like the day has finally arrived. In a few minutes, I'll be taking off towards the train to take me to Frankfurt. From there, it'll be a flight to Riga and then a drive home.

Can't wait.

I'll be packing up my laptop now.

See you soon!

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The end is near

So I have all my credits certificates and my certificate of attendance (we were picking up the last certificates only today). And we also visited the city hall to give notice of our departure (we had to register our stay when we first arriver in October). And we said good-bye both of our coordinators here - the student one as well as the one belonging to the university's staff.

So... Soon it will be back to home, right?

Yeah. Apparently, the staff of the international airport in Frankfurt is having a strike. Every week but this, I would say "Good for them!", "Ganbatte!", "Good luck with that!", "Take as long as you need!" and other very cliché words of encouragement. Every other week but this. Because this Saturday, I fully expect to depart from that airport towards the international airport in Riga where my parents will be waiting... in theory, at least. That is, if we can make it onto the plane - because the company mover our flight half an hour earlier and we'll only have an hour at the airport to entrust our luggage to the plane company and to actually make it onto the plane. Well, if you look at it this way, maybe ei would even be good if they'd drag the strike on till Saturday - I wouldn't mind if the flight got delayed by... say the half an hour they moved it?
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Just some complaining about music

There is too much good music produced out there. Really.

The days don't have enough hours to listen to it.

Which is seriously messing up my sleeping habits.

And the worst part is - there's really nothing I can do about it.

I admit it - I'm addicted to music!
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Oh God, oh God, oh God...!

Are they trying to kill me?!

My Mom just told me the travel company we purchased our tickets from had called. Our flight back has been moved and will take off half an hour earlier than expected. The problem is, we'll be getting to the airport by train (as it's not only in another city, it's even in another state) and can't very well hurry up the train. Which leaves us with less time than we expected at the airport. Hopefully it'll be alright.

I'm actually quite shocked. I need to calm down, yet seem to be unable to do so.

Why of why did they have to do this on such short notice?!
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